Super Kids Karate  Ages:3-5

​Our one of a kind SuperKids Preschool program is geared to introduce the Martial Arts to 3, 4 and 5 years olds in a fun and age appropriate way. Pre-school students work on listening, cooperation, balance, personal safety and beginning martial arts skills, all while having fun, being challenged and encouraged to succeed.  Classes are 30 minutes in length. Our enthusiastic and nurturing staff looks forward to working with your child!

 Dr. Janelle Trueblood - 2nd Degree Black Belt

 Originally from Ham Lake, MN, Janelle spent time in Milwaukee, WI and Duluth, MN before settling in Aitkin, MN for the last 13 years.  She is married to Ted Trueblood and is the mother of 4 children, all involved in UMA  Karate.  Her Martial Arts journey began by watching her niece and nephew participate in Karate at UMA Ham Lake and within a few months, her children and husband were active at UMA Baxter.  She started a short while  later, and obtained her 1st Degree Black Belt November 2014 and her 2nd Degree Black Belt in October of 2016.  Besides her Martial Arts pursuits, she is a part time Physician with Riverwood HealthCare Center at their Garrison Clinic and home schools her children.  She is also active in her church with the Children’s Ministry, Praise and Worship Team and many other odds and end service projects.   She greatly enjoys the ability to share Martial Arts with her entire family and is very blessed         by the great people involved with UMA.

Our staff of highly trained Black Belts have the ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages.  In addition to improving their personal defense skills, knowing how to recognize potential danger and learning how to avoid and eliminate threats to yourself  should be a priority for everyone. Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness is the ideal place to develop personal defense that works in a fun and safe environment.

Mrs. Jessie Gearns - 1st Degree Black Belt

Junior and Adult Karate      Ages:6-Adult​

​Karate is a striking art using punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open hand techniques.  These classes consist of a variety of Martial Arts techniques, including self defense, sparring, martial arts weapons and forms.  You will benefit from an increase in strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, situational awareness, strategic thinking and much, much more.

Miss Alyssa Maurer - 2nd Degree Black Belt

 Rob Nelson - 7th Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor

 Master Nelson Is The Owner And Operator Of Ultimate Martial Arts, Baxter And Crosslake, MN.  He Started His Martial Arts Training In West St. Paul in 1981. He Received His 1st Degree Black Belt In 1986 Through American Karate, American Tae Kwon Do.  He Received His 2nd Degree Black Belt In 1993, Followed By His 3rd Degree In 1997, 4th Degree In 2001, 5th Degree In 2006, 6th Degree In 2010 and 7th Degree in 2017.   He Is Registered At Fort Benning, Ga as a US Modern Army Combatives Level I Instructor.  He Has Trained The Local Police, State DNR Conservation Officers, The Federal US Army Corp Of Engineers,  many State Employees and local professionals.  He Graduated From St. Thomas Military Academy, Mendota Heights, MN In 1986 And The University Of St. Thomas, St Paul With A BA Degree In Computer Science And Business Administration.

Address:   34330 County Road 3, Crosslake, MN 56442 

Some of our classes are broken up by ability level so all the students in class are learning the same material. As the student's ability level increases, so will the degree of difficulty in the classes, to continuously challenge the student. Progressing with other members will also build new lasting friendships as you get to know and challenge your fellow students!  This class is for both boys/girls and men/women and families-everyone!

Address:   7771 College Rd, 
Baxter, MN, 

(218) 454-8728

Dr. Ted Trueblood - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Dr. Trueblood teaches students of all ages in the art of karate at the Crosslake academy.  He started his         training in Baxter under the instruction of Master Rob Nelson.  He has competed in  many tournaments and has participated in  community events promoting self defense.  For Dr. Trueblood, martial arts is truly a "Family Affair", as all of his family members are involved in the martial arts as well. During the Day, Dr. Trueblood is a family physician, setting high standards for all that he does!