Self Defense Seminars

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Our Self Defense Training classes are perfect for individuals,  groups or  businesses.  Learn tips that will increase your personal safety at work, home or on the streets.  Call us today at 218-454-8728 to schedule a Self Defense Class for yourself, company, employees or group.

Address:   34330 County Road 3, Crosslake, MN 56442 

Groups and businesses that we have worked with and trained in self defense or combatives:

Police Departments
MN Army Corp of Engineers
MN Watercraft Inspectors
Lutheran Social Services
Women's Groups
College Students
Church Groups

Address:   7771 College Rd, 
Baxter, MN, 

This course covers:


Tips to avoid being a target of an attack

Self defense against the most common strikes, grabs, holds and chokes

Mental Aspects of being attacked

Survival on the ground

How to disable your attacker using your strengths against their weaknesses

Learn the weak points of the human body and how to exploit them

Scenario based training-based on your specific business or group

De-escalating verbal arguments or conversations so that they do not escalate to violence