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What our Students are saying about Karate...

Our family has benefited greatly from participating in karate the last seven years.  It has helped us develop discipline, strength, body awareness and confidence.  As I have said many times, we have been very fortunate to have a world class karate instructor in our area.  I appreciate your patience with each of my kids as they worked through their various issues and cleared the hurdles to accomplish their goals.  You obviously care about all your students and their success.  Thank you very much for your support and encouragement.   
Tori H.                                                

My son has developed great self confidence since he has started training at your academy.  He is more sure of himself in group settings.  Before, he was very shy and held back.  Now, he is able to independently initiate conversations with others.  He has so much fun in class while learning important skills.
Tammy J.

We signed our 9-yr. old son up for Karate at the beginning of 3rd grade, and we have been amazed by the changes we have seen in him. He was a little overweight since he wasn't very interested in athletics, and had fairly low self-confidence. After just two months of Karate, he had lost 5 pounds and his self-confidence was clearly improving. After only seven months our son was a different person, ten pounds lighter and more self-confident than we expected he could become in such a short amount of time. We were so excited and impressed with his progress that my husband and I decided to join Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness, too. We love the camaraderie involved in going to class, but also enjoy the ability to advance at our own pace and skill level. Not only is Karate a great individual sport, but a valuable self-defense tool that we can take with us wherever we go. Our daughter can't wait until we sign her up, too!
K. McKee

My kid's self confidence has really blossomed since joining your school.  They love to come to class and I love that they are learning self control and discipline.
Kristi K.

Through your academy, my child has gotten stronger and more focused.  He has learned valuable self defense techniques.  He has also made good friends that he looks forward to seeing every week.
Jane W.

What our Students are saying about Kickboxing...

I Love kickboxing! I started about 3 1/2 months ago and I felt like I could defend myself within the first month, plus I am getting a great work out.  The people here are so encouraging and friendly.  I strongly recommend this academy to anyone!
Mariah W.

Kickboxing is so much fun and really gets your heart pumping.  I love that we have class 3 days a week!  Everyone is so friendly and easy to work with.
Tristan A.

Since my daughter has been involved in the kickboxing program, I have seen her self esteem and confidence increase by 150%!  She looks forward to coming to each workout and feels more energetic and capable of self protection.  Thank you for this new confidence!
Stephanie W.

Kickboxing has been a whole body workout for me.  I have seen dramatic results in my endurance and the toning of my muscles.  Every class is different and interesting, so I never get bored and I love working out to the music!
Pam N.

What our Students are saying about Jiu-Jitsu...

I love coming to this academy to train.  It is a great place, nice people, great teachers and an over all good atmosphere to train at.
Ryan H.