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Our Introductory Program is 100% Guaranteed!  If you do not like your class, let us know and we will refund your money!



The instructor will lead the class through drills that the student will repeat to develop muscle memory and learn new skills.  Later in class, students will use the skill they learned from the drill in a different context such as self defense, sparring or a game.


The class curriculum will ensure that students learn the fundamentals of martial arts. It will act as a guide in order to monitor and develop the necessary skills to prosper in the martial arts.


Students will once again line up and bow out to the instructor. Maintaining a respectful attitude throughout and after class is important in all martial arts.

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Baxter, MN, 

The Studio

Students will enter the instructional area of the school, also called a studio or dojo, and may bow before stepping onto the mat.   They will line up in order of belt rank  and bow to the instructor.  The bow is a traditional sign of respect and signifies that they are ready to start learning.


All of our instructors are 1st Degree Black Belts or higher. They will both challenge and encourage the students, helping push them to achieve their goals.  They will be willing to talk with you and your student if you have questions about class.

Warm Up

Classes always start with a warm up, which can include stretching, jogging, shadow boxing or other light activities.