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2022-04-24 07:45:05 By : Mr. Steven Lee

The planned view of Nyugati Railway Station - Source: Facebook/Balázs Fürjes

Nyugati Railway Station is to be renovated according to the plans of a world-famous British architectural firm, and we can finally see the visual plans.

Source: Facebook/Balázs Fürjes

As we can read in Helló Magyar’s article, Grimshaw Architects, a world-renowned British architectural office, has won the design competition for the new Nyugati Railway Station. Among many other projects, they have designed stations and subway stations in London, Melbourne, Los Angeles, and New York.

The team of Grimshaw Architects also includes Hungarian architects from Nautes Architects.

“The Nyugati Railway Station is being redesigned as a modern, three-storey, partly underground, 21st-century railway station. A new railway hall will be built on the surface behind the Eiffel Hall, and a 6-track underground station will be built underground, allowing the station to accommodate many more trains,”

Balázs Fürjes, State Secretary for the Development of Budapest and the Metropolitan Agglomeration, wrote in a Facebook post on 26 March.

Source: Facebook/Balázs Fürjes

“The city centre will be greened up: a green, park-like, permeable new district will be created around Nyugati. The renewal of Nyugati station and its surroundings will free up 23.5 hectares and turn the station and its surroundings into a green space,”

Source: Facebook/Balázs Fürjes

A new, 13-track modern railway hall is being built behind the Eiffel Hall. The hall will become a new community space and meeting point, with the end of rail traffic at the street level, creating a new focal point and meeting point for the capital, a new community space with shops, cafés, an event space and restaurants.

The modernisation will create new entrances to the station, with easy access from Eiffel Square, Podmaniczky Street, Ferdinand Bridge, and Westend.

A new, long green park will be created from Nyugati to Városliget, running along Podmaniczky Street.

The 17-hectare recreation area will include a running track and several community sports fields. For families, there will be a playground for children of all ages, with toilets and baby changing facilities.

Source: Facebook/Balázs Fürjes

A dog park and large green recreation areas will be created, and new vegetation will be planted. The park will be lined with new buildings that will also serve as a noise barrier towards Terézváros. The industrial heritage building of the railway engine shed will be used for cultural purposes.

The car park and bus station will move away from Westend.

In their place will be a welcoming green space, with trees and quality street furniture. The car flyover at the intersection of Nagykörút, Váci Street, and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street will be demolished.

Source: Helló Magyar,

Trust – the saying – “Every Picture Tells a Story” as it looks MAGNIFICENT. Notice trams on Vaci ut – West End Side – is this part of the extended or “re-introduced tram line from Deak Ference to Lehel Station ? The over-pass REMOVAL – opens the entire front of Nyugati Station – captured in the aerial photo – and ENHANCES – the splendour of the station front and what will be the re-designed completed project. Excited – and another reason – why Budapest, Hungary – continues to be a place – THINGS Happen ///

Excellent news, if the project actually goes ahead. The last big railway station renovation project that Grimshaw designed was London Bridge Station in London, UK, a station that handles 90 million passengers a year so they are more than qualified for the Nyugati project.

looks very good. With Keleti should be the same.

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